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Who we are and what we do

The Physics Machine Learning Club is a group of researchers interested in acquiring machine learning skills so that they may apply them to their research and to expand their skill set more generally. The group is sponsored by the Physics department at Washington University in Saint louis but is not limited to physicists; currently it is mostly graduate students but any undergraduates and interested faculty from any department are welcome.

We facilitate coding bootcamps, and ask-the-expert sessions and make it easy for our members to put out meetings on their schedule thereby blocking out a period of time for them to sit and finally accomplish whatever they have been trying to find the time to do.

The club is structured around the learning process, so there are two simultaneous tracks: Track 1) Students pursuing online training such as Andrew Ng’s Coursera courses. This culminates with a boot camp on the latest python tools taught by students from the second track. Track 2) These students are pursuing projects. We have gathered partners in local industry to come and visit from time to time and to offer projects for us to work on. Students in this track may pursue those, do original research, or participate in online competitions (e.g. Kaggle).